About RhumbLine

What is a Rhumb Line?

A sailor preparing to start an ocean journey, whether it's one of a few miles or several hundred, charts a course using one or more rhumb lines. Rhumb lines are straight lines drawn on a nautical chart to represent the most easily navigated course which avoids hazards, from point A to point B. When navigating unfamiliar waters, a rhumb line is an essential aide. RhumbLine Advisers was founded to help plan sponsors navigate challenging financial waters.


Founded in 1990, RhumbLine Advisers is a Boston-based investment firm specializing in managing index-based strategies for institutional investors. Our strategies include pure index tracking, as well as a broad array of enhanced, alternative and customized products designed to meet our clients' needs. As of 12/31/2018, RhumbLine manages more than $50.3 billion in equity and fixed income assets for 225 clients in more than 30 states.


Owned 100% by employees, RhumbLine's sole focus is on client satisfaction, and we direct all of our attention to delivering responsive and personalized service to our clients while providing low-cost, passive investment management.

Keys to Our Success

RhumbLine Advisers has built its success by:

  • Providing passive products that meet specific client needs;
  • Consistently tracking within our clients' guidelines;
  • Delivering flexible, attentive and personalized client service;
  • Offering a highly competitive fee structure.

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